Why a gift card is better than a present

The team at Voucher Town have compiled a list of the top reasons why gift cards trump a traditional present: 

  1. A gift card gives the receiver the freedom to choose what they want. It means that they are able to purchase a gift that they would prefer as well as offering them the liberty of time to allow them to choose the perfect gift when they decide they want it.
  1. The gift giver can save a lot of money and hassle if buying a gift for someone that lives in another part of the country or abroad. Posting heavy gifts can be expensive as well as risky if they decide to send something breakable by post.
  1. It gives the receiver full control over what they want to buy but at the same time shows that some thought has still gone into the gift as opposed to just giving them some cash. 
  1. It saves embarrassment and waste of giving someone a gift that they will not use. It still makes the receiver feel special enough that the gift giver has taken the time to consider which store or brand it is that they would like the most.

Gift cards can be used in the sales to save money on what could have been a more expensive item. What’s more, if you buy a gift card at a discount through Voucher Town and then use it in the sales then you could be saving even more money.

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